Anti Cancer Tian Xian in CTI News

CTI – TV: Hospital de la Universidad de Taiwan demostró, basado en ensayos, que el Líquido Tian Xian puede combatir el Cáncer de Mama

National Taiwan University Hospital Proved that Tian Xian Liquid-P can Fight Breast Cancer based on Trials It is widely conspicuous that the National Taiwan University Hospital for the first time carried out a human experiment on the traditional Chinese medicine… [leer más…]

Tian Xian in Taiwan News TVBS

TVBS: Hospital Nacional de Taiwan Confirma que Tian Xian Ayuda al Sistema Inmunológico

Some media reported yesterday, the National Taiwan University Hospital confirmed the ‘Tian Xian liquid’ can be used to anti-cancer and even shrink the tumor. Is that true? Yesterday we called the researching doctors and they gave no response. But some… [leer más…]

Tian Xian in Yahoo News

Yahoo News: Tian Xian Ayuda a Combatir el Cáncer – Hospital Nacional de Taiwan lo Confirma

Now let’s turn to domestic, after more than 1 hundred years since the National Taiwan University Hospital founded, for the first time the National Taiwan University Hospital research team found that perhaps an experimental product can improve the immunity of… [leer más…]

CCTV News: 100 Cancer Survivors Pay Tribute to Tian Xian Inventor

100 Sobrevivientes de Cáncer Rinden Tributo a Inventor de Tian Xian

CCTV-4 covers the tribute event by 100 cancer survivors to Anti-Cancer Tian Xian Inventor, Dr. Wang Zhen Guo. Transcript: January 10, 2000, co-sponsored by the International Cancer Rehabilitation Association and the Zhenguo Industrial Group, the selection of one hundred Tian… [leer más…]

Parade of 100 Cancer Survivors to honor Tian Xian Inventor

Desfile de 100 Sobrevivientes de Cáncer Frente a la Plaza Tiananmen de Beijing

  The 100 cancer survivors parade thru the front of the prestigious seminar hall in Beijing, China. Some of these have come from different parts of the world to give thanks to Dr. Wang — inventor of Tian Xian. They… [leer más…]

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor from the Philippines

Maribel Lim: Historia de Una Sobreviviente de Cáncer de Páncreas

Living with any serious disease can be difficult and challenging. I know how each one of you who has a serious ailment feels. I have also felt that way, more than eight years ago. After reading the MRI result in… [leer más…]